Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family meetings are 500 hours long, man!

Found myself awake at 8:40 this morning, so I perforce decided to go to church, even though the family meeting afterwards would probably last 500 hours on a day where we had DINNER afterwards! Ugh. Eric called me and put on a weird voice, but I told him that it was NOT endearing! When he picked me up, he asked if I hated British accents in the morning - shit's not funny when you've only had five or six hours of sleep, man! Discussed curling, ice expense, religious / rock music, commercials, the misspelling of "INDESCRIBABLE" on a bus ad, tonight's ride plans, the new pastor (not "Ann Williams"!), joking death threats, and more on the way to church. Got to church, where it was Auntie Rebecca's last sermon ever at VCEFC; Zoe kinda shared something about Awana, too. Later, I told Jon that whoever put the little Kleenex box on a pew was a genius (since I needed one right then) - he said that he'd moved it, and I couldn't retract what I said! Then I asked how the baby was - Ayler had been fussy and crying when he left this morning! (sounds about right from what happened on Friday) Auntie Rebecca said she'd seen lots of photos of me on Facebook; not surprised! I waste no time with those when I can!

Said hi to Amanda (CHIPS AHOY), Martin, Danny, Geoffrey (birth news / BBQ / rainy weather on Friday / Facebook / baby pictures), Vivian (her mom's invited tonight!), Alan and Polly (they're coming tonight - I had a ride home from church), Jeremy, Anita, Jeff, Allison, Joanna, Nathan, Uncle Peter, Auntie Ying, Esther, Harley, and others after service. After little Joanna played with Mike K. for a while, he asked me how it was like to be an aunt. Dude, I feel old... and of course we had to make sure that Jon wasn't joking about Harmony's pregnancy when he announced it to us since he DOES joke around a lot! Yeah, I'll get used to it for sure! Went upstairs after a bit; I told Chris Lam that I had received the Awana BBQ email, and he said he'd look into it! I'm sure he wants to know for general security reasons, heh.

I saw Auntie Catherine, Rachel's grandma, Danny, Lanie, Hymn, Mattias, Marcus, Jessie, Ramen, Shira, David, Evelyn (who called things "stupid"), and Ashley during Toddler Sunday School. Talked about aunthood, rules, crackers, coloring pictures, crayons, apple gum, aunthood, toys, cars, holding them, hamsters, and more. Ramen seemed to like Marcus, at least. Got downstairs afterwards, where Auntie Ada offered me a dry ham and cheese sandwich - I saw a bunch of other people standing around and eating them, so that's what I also did. Made sure that my parents knew Eric's number so they can call him later, and talked to a confused Grandma for a couple of minutes. She thought that I was going with them for lunch, and also that the one-month banquet didn't exist! I said hi to little Sean, and admired his blue dragon metal shirt - it is COOL, man! Shook hands with Uncle Johnny, and said hi to Auntie Paula / Joe / Helen. Stanley and I entertained baby Marcus for a while, too. Saw Gavin, Nathan, Nathaniel, Abigail, and more kids clustered around an iPad playing games (or HELLO KITTY coloring books) to keep them entertained during the long family meeting with Pastor Dan and his wife Sharon - good strategy! Auntie Ada offered me ANOTHER sandwich since they had lots left over; Margaret declined one, although I said not to feel bad, hahaha. Wrote tag prompts myself to try keeping awake, although I fell asleep once. (I'd fallen asleep twice during service, heh)

Talked to Jeremy briefly about tonight: he's going, and has no idea where the restaurant is. I told him that it's on Kingsway, but I didn't know anything more (even the name) since my parents were picking me and Eric up! He figured that I didn't need to know then, but he should reread his email before he leaves - so agreed! Met Dylan on our way out at around 2:55, and we briefly discussed tonight's dinner. I had no idea that it was apparently traditional to wear red to these things (having only been to one other, for David's son Ian back in 2005) - Dylan goes to them all the time for Deb's family! He had to go back to Richmond and pick Deb up for this thing, which doesn't surprise me. Eric and I discussed recent James developments, my being "drunk," what we'd do till 5:15 or so (my plans involve a coherent blog post, while his involve braziers and torches - GAMING!), the sunny weather, traffic, and more on the way home.

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