Saturday, June 23, 2012

Snoring baby nephews / YVR bear / Sausage and watermelon

Woke up at 7 AM for some stupid reason: lots of time for gaming and such, then! Called Eric at about 9:15, and Ron answered the phone. Yes, please make sure your son is awake enough for a phone call after his "late-night" hijinks at Alistair's, haha! When Eric did get on the phone, I told him that I'd probably be at Jon and Harmony's taking care of the baby, and to just pick me up from there for the BBQ whenever he decided to leave. Of course, I had to have coffee at the Copa Café later on, heh... I mailed Siobhan's Canucks lip balm / Vegas postcard / greeting card first, though. Met Auntie Catherine and Marcus when they arrived half an hour late; Mattias was with his other grandma. Talked about Vegas (but not the real reason why I was there), steak, rice, veggies, water, Bible Study, feeding kids, dropping napkin pieces on the floor, fussiness, plans, whether my sister has a boyfriend yet (HAHAHAHAHA), Facebook, and other things. No, she didn't have to drive me anywhere; I had time to kill, so decided to walk to Jon and Harmony's. I had to rest a couple times at bus stops and things of that nature (like a playground swing), but browsed FRONT ON MAIN and their interesting books for at least half an hour once I found out from the BAREFOOT CONTESSA people that the Riley Park library was closed down! Thank goodness it didn't really start pouring rain till I was in the house... it was indeed fortuitous that I grabbed a jacket before I left!

Mom and Dad were already there helping with the baby and laundry, and I got to find out where the laundry machines were. Talked about Grandma not going to bed till 2-3 AM (poor care aides!) / profound loss / care home activities like the aquarium / different levels of dementia (I feigned interest for Chinese Eric's sake), Safeway $5 sales, socks, kissing the baby, various aspects of baby care, the baby being happy with blowdrying after a diaper change, the one-month dinner on Sunday, a new ESC pastor / family meeting, poop, pee, Russia, cards, Teunis, Uncle Michael / Yvonne / Aaron / Lillian, Auntie Kwai, and more. I got to hold the baby for quite a while after he fell asleep (opened his eyes occasionally), and he started snoring! To me, that was amusing - but Dad thought he shouldn't. Hey, all I do is move blankets if they're too near his nose or mouth... Mom thought that I was making the little noises; NO!

When Uncle Joe got there with fish congee and more, my parents left since they had stuff to do. I took the opportunity to check stuff on the laptop a bit later. Auntie Wing Yee got there even later, and I told Harmony (who was up at the time) that I'd put her Vegas gifts on the table. There was a reason why I'd waited till my parents left, haha. She thanked me for the postcard / green necklace / shirts / teddy bear when she opened the bag! Harmony's mom certainly had stuff to say regarding "air-drying" the baby to prevent diaper rash; I tended to agree with Harmony that the process probably doesn't involve practically wrapping the baby in blankets and leaving a little air pocket at the bottom, but I didn't say anything. At least she said she'd do it her way! Discussed food, landlords, feeding baby, syringe feedings, strollers, mocha balls, Jon being at worship practice, vinegar and eggs, Chinese Eric saying hi and wanting to see the baby, my recent rough patch, and more.

Eric called later to say he was leaving his house; sounds fine to me! When he got here, I told him to come meet the baby for a bit, who was sleeping in his bassinet by then. Discussed my mom's Sunday ride offer, my not being able to be trusted around babies ("the baby's safe now"), today's hockey draft, the ESC pastor / family meeting news being true (and Eric intends to be at said meeting on Sunday!), and more on the way to church. At church, I updated Alan / Sam / Tracy / Jon / Phil / Vivian / Connie / Randal / Raymond about Vegas and the baby news while having sausages / potato salad / watermelon / hot dogs / salad / eggplant / garlic bread. Julie just got back from Uganda, too. I cleared the air with Randal as far as the FB notes on the past were concerned, and I'm sure he thought it was more disturbing than he suspected! Lesley gave me $2 back for the farewell dinner ticket, which I did hear about. Discussed Jon's "breastfeeding attempt," the grad banquet, the FAMILY FEUD game, how Micah might adjust to L.A., it being best NOT to post pictures of the blowdrying process to Facebook (Jon thought that would be the best!), Ivan's stolen stuff, cheese-filled smokies / SLB squirting out their contents, Tracy's pregnancy, eating a lot, and more. On the way home, we heard about Jerry Sandusky's conviction on 45 of 48 counts of sexual crimes against children - GOOD!

Baby Ayler: I'm a boy, I'm three days old in hospital, and I love it when my aunt holds me!

This is where I make like a bear in the YVR airport on the way to Vegas:

Hi! I'm 3.5 weeks old, and I snore already!

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