Wednesday, April 04, 2012

EUPHONY, LEVEL 99 CATAPULT, Power Glove, Romaly's King

Listened to the Fox's INDIE NIGHT IN CANADA show last night; they have a feature called "When They Were Indie," and it just happened to feature MATTHEW GOOD off EUPHONY! YAY! Got an offline MSN message from Corey (sent at 5:25 AM) about the Angry Video Game Nerd and his Power Glove Review, and how it was better than the NES Accessories Review - I'm on it! Went to the library to return my library books, then went to Purdy's in the mall so I could get three-packs of Hedgehogs and peanut butter eggs. Marshmallow eggs were also on special, but I didn't need those. At the bus stop, I could clearly hear some guy's iPod from a foot away: it was playing Metallica's ONE.

Discovered the start of redrum, as well as some sound / graphics glitches in my DRAGON WARRIOR 3 game; those also somehow catapulted my Hero to Level 99! I also defeated SEVEN Metal Slimes thanks to the "BE DRAGON" code! Wish I had a screenshot of that... but I do have one of my being Romaly's King after I defeated the thief Kandar in the Tower of Shanpane!

This is what else happens in your brief rule over Romaly:

"A new king is crowned! All hail King Flamster!"

"Your Majesty would deign to address me?!"

Let's talk to the queen! "You were wonderful! Won't you come live with your princess forever?"

Let's check the king's status: "It is said that long ago, the king was very powerful."

Let's make the king search for stuff!

The king cannot use spells.

The king bears no items.

The king is already wearing the royal robes, and that's all the equipment he needs!

As we go out of the throne room, a guard tells us that the king lights the lives of all his subjects.

The woman near the healer beseeches us to rescue the village of Noaniels in the far north.

"You say the curse has already been lifted? You are a true king!"

The real king's father is NOT impressed: "He crowned you? What a joke! He's still up to his old tricks!"

"All hail the new king!"

Let's see what this guy in Romaly's jail has to say: "You let Kandar flee? You're too lax, your Highness."

This guy outside the castle walls says that the Wizard's Wand can fire fireballs at enemies...

... and the Wizard's Wand can be used any number of times!

The Cloak of Evasion is for sale at Noaniels, but we already knew that!

The innkeeper is surprised: "Oh! Your Highness! Are you going for a walk?"

Meanwhile, this humble traveler is truly thrilled by the king's kind words.

"Wow! Look! It's the new king!"

This lady wonders about the brave hero from Aliahan, and why he hasn't come yet:

Let's try going outside of town, where we get stopped by the guards. "It is perilous to venture outside of the castle!"

While we're the king, let's check out the shops! The weapon and armor guy says that they owe it to the king that they can do business each day.

The tools guy just wants the king to lower the taxes on his subjects!

A customer in the shop says that the king was headed downstairs to the fight ring!

"Oh! Your Highness! What are you doing in a place like this?!"

"This is not a place that befits the likes of a king."

"Oh! Your Highness! You are well, I trust."

"Gambling? Wouldn't think of it. We're just watching, that's all."

"Look, everybody! The king!"

"Mumf... mumf..." Yup, he doesn't want to say anything bad in front of the king!

The former king never knew gambling was so much fun, and thinks that the common people have it good indeed!

When you say "yes" to carrying on the reign since he knows we'll do a good job, he's very pleased!

But when you say no, he's surprised that you tire already of being king. Our quest isn't going to continue by itself, though! He understands, and will not let us continue in something we dislike.

"It's better for thee to continue your travels."

We're instantly back in the throne room, where the King tells us how much more experience we need to go to the next level. Then he asks us whether we want to take his place again.

"It is done! Henceforth FLAMSTER shall rule as king of this castle!"

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