Monday, April 02, 2012

Deep River Zesty Jalapeno chips, melatonin, and EASTER BUNNIES!

Went to Shoppers Drug Mart to get more toilet cleaning supplies - I hate being short, so the ones at London Drugs on the TOP shelves aren't going to work out for me! Also got melatonin since it was a bit cheaper than at LD; got a bunny with rice crisps inside for Chinese Eric, and two on-sale Hershey's cookies and creme small rabbits. One was for me and one was for Mattias - that way, he can eat it before his parents Chung and Karen come to pick him up from Toddler Sunday School. There's no good reason for the kid not to have occasional sugar, after all. :P [I understand that it makes kids hyper and isn't good for you in general, but COME ON!] Then I went to London Drugs to get a 300g bag of assorted Lindt Easter eggs for Chinese Eric, on-sale Kit Kat Bites / Coffee Crisp Bites, and another on-sale stuffed animal; this one is for Mattias so I can pay lip service to respecting the "no sugar" rule. In addition, I got some Deep River Zesty Jalapeno kettle-cooked chips. they're probably NOT as spicy as I'd like, but they'll do.

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