Friday, April 06, 2012

Pyramids Outside World Samanao Cave Glitch / Turning grey and resetting

So... I finished getting the Mirror of Ra from the cave near Samanao, and discovered that the outside world apparently consists of pyramids! (y'know, other than what I'd expect to see: grass, forests, trees, rocks, mountains, water...) NICE GLITCH! :D

Later, the game REALLY glitched out (turning grey and making weird noises) and reset on me! I'd inadvertently stepped on Damage Zones without the protective spell StepGuard at the Shrine of Liamland, after offering up my red / purple / yellow / green / silver / blue orbs to make the Great Bird Ramia come back to life. Luckily, I'd JUST saved with the king of Romaly after completing the Cave of the Necrogond, dropping various items off at the Aliahan vault, and getting some equipment at Lancel / Assaram / Samanao!

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