Sunday, April 01, 2012

Tiananmen Square massacre / ERIC HO

I was still in a bit of a bad mood when I got up at 11:30 - but at least Eric hadn't called. Two weeks in a row of church is all I can take right now, honestly. Participated in some drama, talked briefly to James on YM, read about the Tiananmen Square massacre for a bit, then thought of what I can do for Chinese Eric (CHOCOLATE!); that last one finally lifted my mood to "normal," thank goodness. Talked to Miriam (beatle9) later on, using Gmail chat - apparently, there's a Jewish dish called knish which I must try. Mashed potatoes wrapped in dough?! For some reason, James thought I was badass tonight since I was busting out references to Neil Young's OLD MAN, wrestling and metal chairs / suplexing, and Rush's side-project Victor. Fair enough, hahaha! I just thought it was funny. :D

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