Thursday, March 01, 2012

Jer's peanut butter and chocolate / 2-0 WIN over the Blues! / DISNEY!

Had a Jer's peanut butter chocolate bar while I was awaiting the start of the game tonight. Talked to James for a bit, which is always nice. The Canucks won 2-0 over the Blues, with both goals coming in the third; Chris Higgins even got an empty-net goal, so YAY!

Your DISNEY YOU, DISNEY GUY, DISNEY BEST FRIEND, DISNEY ADMIRER!!! *girls* by the_light_darkeness
You areWendy (Peter Pan)
You are withPrince (Cinderella)
Your best friendMaleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Your secret admirerDoctor Finklestein (Nightmare Before Christmas)

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