Friday, February 10, 2012

Lunch tomorrow, seaweed, gay marriage, and rules

Steph called at 7:15 to invite me to a Richmond lunch tomorrow, which sounds good. She and Lisa got me a 24-pack of seaweed from Costco, haha... I'll probably give them the Rockets then, too. I said I would bring the bathroom sign, but I can't peel it off the fridge! DAMMIT. Maybe one of them will need to come in and take a picture of it that way! Steph also thanked me for the engagement card, which Harmony finally found while unpacking, and gave to her at the Chinese New Year dinner - somehow, I'm not surprised since Jon said it was "somewhere"! We also discussed the respite centre, looking after Grandma next month, and what Dad had to say about it earlier.

Called Mom at 10, and she talked a LOT about the respite centre, cooking, Caesar's, Dairy Queen, Valerie, Auntie Eva, her dad Uncle Percy falling and hitting his head last night (that's BAD at 94!), the government's rules, change, Princess cruises, looking after Grandma, Uncle Michael, Grandma saving face, and more. I didn't even listen to half of that stuff, to be honest. She talks a lot sometimes! Then she asked me about Steph and Lisa's relationship: "Who's the man and who's the woman? One of them has to wear a white gown!" THERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS YOU JUST DON'T ASK! I DON'T CARE! Mom also asked me about gay marriage, bridesmaids, the use of the terms "gay" and "lesbian" to refer to two women, and lesbian weddings. LOOK SOME VIDEOS UP ON YOUTUBE, WOMAN. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN THE INTRICACIES OF GAY MARRIAGE TO YOU!

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