Saturday, January 07, 2012

4-3 REVENGE against Bruins! / EARTHBOUND and Mr. Saturn!

At home yesterday after making mushroom soup, I managed to start up a game of EARTHBOUND since I could do so from some semblance of memory. Now that I'm here at the library and have brought my laptop with me, I also copied and pasted the FF VI walkthrough I've been using to Word, so I can do that at home also! I asked Ryan to keep me updated on the game just in case I didn't wake up in time, and he did. He's a sweetheart, although I kinda wonder if I'd be saying that if Vancouver hadn't won 4-3!

Eric said he'd check the connection problem out tomorrow after church, which is fair enough since I don't want to bother him any more than I have to. I know the C94 doesn't run on Sundays anyhow, so hopefully it'll be fine then, although I'm not holding my breath! Sonya seems to have deleted her FB account again, too.

Ness and Tracy's mom telling it like it is to Pokey: "You don't like SALMON? TOO BAD!"

A bathroom in Onett's library:

You can return the town map in the year 2001!

A hidden Mr. Saturn in Happy-Happy Village:

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