Monday, July 06, 2009

Jazz Festival, and getting sick chills

The family picked me up for church yesterday - I guessed they were late since they had to pick up Harmony at her parents' place. We had a very interesting family conversation about poo, Terrence, Facebook, Steph, cops, and other things. Let's just say it was an NG conversation, haha. Also discussed family nicknames, a joke "you're expecting!" card my mom wanted to give Daniel, Edwin and Karen's dad dying on Thursday, and Rachel getting into town. Got to service late, but managed to find space for three people by Mike T. Said hi to Cindy, Serena, Pastor Fulton (her dad), Danielle, and others during service. Afterwards, I gave Harmony the green frog bathroom organizer and some Lindt chocolate - she appeared to really like it, heh.

Talked to Chrystal, and finally made plans to meet this week on Thursday at Coles - also checked with Kevin when the Committee meeting was... next Monday works! Saw Elaine and Matt back from Hawaii, so talked to them for a bit - also talked to Shally, Johnny (wedding dress shopping?!), and others. Mike asked me about grad banquet, so I gave him the money for my ticket before I forgot or ran out. Decided to go to the Jazz Festival with a bunch of people including Jen, so went upstairs to tell Auntie Fonda. Only the twins today, so it was fine - glad she's feeling up to teaching! Went upstairs again to put the caring cards in the Fellowship box by the elevator, and give some cookies in the Ziploc bag for the kids. No, we hadn't left yet!

Went to Pho Tan for lunch with Calla, Johnny, Stanford, Jon, Harmony, Jen, Vanessa, Nathan, and others. Talked about Panties on Hoops, the Magic Bra, the Night Market, possible pets, Yvonne's fat bunny, broadcasting school, wedding songs, Megan and Wayland getting married (not to each other since that would be wrong), smoking, London, and other interesting topics. Then some of us bused to the Jazz Festival, and had a good time listening to Sound Gallery - discussed white bearded guys, Robin, Jon sounding strange when he introduced Harmony as his wife, shopping for stuff at the Bay (last day of a sale!), Yaletown Brewery, duck pizza, spinach pizza, BBQ beef pizza, high-definition baseball games, tennis (Roger Federer), sex, downing an iced Thai tea in ten seconds, Urban Fare, Shally's last name being U, dancing, workshops, condoms, not wanting to know if Jon and Harmony followed Jeremy's wedding night advice, Jeremy's dad's health, and more.

I bused home with Harmony - we'd had a good time today, and couldn't believe it was 9 already! Discussed what she and Jon would call each other's parents (Chinese or weird nicknames work), what Peter and Holly call each other's parents, living separately for now, logistics, and plans for the week. When I got home, I attempted to listen to the old-time radio shows... for some reason, I felt really tired and unwell. I thought I was fine without a jacket at 9:40, but I guess not. Maybe it was the cold air in the Roundhouse room at the start of each performance - Jeremy was smart and brought a jacket. I'll have to remember that next year, although I know I won't. Didn't get out of bed till 3:10 PM after feeling really thirsty and icky... good thing Chrystal and I didn't make plans to meet today, like we were thinking of doing!

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Poo nugget for Monday, July 6: Doo You Know? - Cow-Tipping... Humans lack the enzyme necessary to digest cellulose, the main constituent in high-fiber foods. Cows also lack these necessary enzymes, but are able to digest the cellulose found in plant cell walls by utilizing enzymes produced by bacteria residing in their intestines.

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