Monday, August 20, 2012

Yelping, Endor, Laurent, Strom, Taloon, RETURN, and more Ragnar!

I was responsible today, and paid my hydro bill. Cindy also replied to my "Happy Belated Birthday" email to thank me, and say that she's been praying for Grandma - that's what I'd expect, haha.

Alena, Cristo, and Brey meet Ragnar near Endor's Travel Door:

Chanting "Return" doesn't work in Endor at the end of Chapter 2!

Yelping villager in Foxville - "Oops, I caught a cold?"

Here's Taloon with Grandpa Tom's son's dog Tov!

The casino in Endor is now closed, but look who's here! It's Ragnar!

Taloon with his Endor hired muscle, Laurent and Strom:

Troubadour Laurent:

Guardsman Strom:

Appraising the Royal Scroll with its awful handwriting:

There's a Puff Puff room in Monbaraba!

Here's Orin in the cave west of Kievs!

Orin the alchemist:

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