Saturday, February 05, 2011

JUST CALL HIM TONY! / Terry Pratchett / 4-3 wins

Note: LJ "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" Super Bowl meme.

Mom called me back and sounded less stressed - a win for ME! She wanted to know how to spell Teunis' name so she would know how to pronounce it - HAHAHAHAHA! "It's too hard!" (if she has trouble with "Pavel Bure / Keith Tkachuk," yeah...) Eventually, I told her to just call him "Tony" on Sunday; she wanted to know why I wasn't at Fellowship, so I told her that I took a day off. She thought I shouldn't take a day off, but I needed one after this week... sheesh! The Canucks won 4-3 over Chicago, too. Teunis and I discussed the TV from Rhiannon's (only about 8 months of use on a two-year-old model?!), comedy, Terry Pratchett / DISCWORLD / HOGFATHER / stereotypes, DVDs, politics, WOW dungeons, Skype calls, Alicia, Scott, Viking groups, mortality / death, Vietnam, his mom, laptop design flaws, solder / glue, fixing Kaili's computer, British vs. US pacing, and other things.

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