Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zodiacs, Machanon Gil, BABY DRAGON, LDDUDE, and Danielle

I learned from Danielle that we can't hang out before she leaves for Ottawa on the 4th, since I get back after that! At least there's Facebook and email to keep in touch! Chinese Eric buzzed me, so we talked about the birth / BABY DRAGON / Chinese zodiac info and traits for me, Jon, and Harmony / the trip's flight info. The game reset on me after I cast Ultima on two Gold Golems; yikes!

Here's another impossible Gil amount, this one at the Machanon Inn of the Soul of Rebirth:

I finished the Soul of Rebirth, shaving ten minutes off my original time... guess the bestiary album will have to wait till I get back. *sigh*

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