Friday, May 25, 2012

White Eric, finishing location, LDDUDE BLESSINGS!

White Eric called me at 6:50 to see whether I was going to Fellowship tonight: CHECK YOUR DAMN EMAIL FIRST BEFORE CALLING ME! Geez! I told him exactly what was up, and added that HE believed in prayer, so he could do what he liked in that way. Then Steph called to say that I could make it out if I wanted; Eric had already left, and I felt like catching up on my sleep anyway. I did that, and then figured I'd finally finish the location and tagging project that's consumed my time over the past couple of weeks. That was done at about 9:20 PM, so back to gaming it was!

Got an unexpected phone call about half an hour later from Chinese Eric, which is NEVER a problem! We talked about Nathan being in town till the 2nd (I'll miss him!), personal things, L.A. and New Jersey in the Stanley Cup Final, his being a bit better, how we were, and other things. I know he's been busy with stuff, so any time to call me IS a blessing! At least he doesn't have to play tour guide anymore! He had another call come in, so had to cut this one short; definitely not a problem with this great friend! :D

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