Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seeing babies! / Mom and stress

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Steph called at 6:30, stating that if I wanted to see the baby today, I should be out by 7. It was enough time for me to take a shower, call Chinese Eric to see if he was in (nope!), and get a tiny bit more done in Castle Fynn. Dad and Grandma picked me up, and we had to wait for Mom to get off work. Good thing I was tasked with looking after Grandma! Saw a very tired-looking Jon at Women's NICU, and the place still has the baby plaques that I remember from when a few of us visited baby Joshua years ago! I told Grandma that the baby was a boy, and she said "Good" in English, hahaha.

After talking about washing hands up to our elbows / wheelchairs / the birth / natural childbirth (some women are too small for it!) / C-sections (could have saved her a lot of pain!) / gallbladder surgery with Steph and Lisa, Peter / Holly / Auntie Wing / Uncle Joe / Myles / Brittney came in. It was good to see them! We talked about Jon not having much sleep over the past few days, the name of the baby, when they'd get to go home, scars, sibling affection, and such. I saw the baby for a few minutes: he was sleeping, and didn't seem to be hungry despite not eating a thing since birth! Mom took over holding the baby as soon as she saw him, and I told Brittney that there would be plenty of time later if I were to do that... Dad's not in a rush, and Steph thinks Mom is in love with the kid already! Holly was looking it up, and came across the girl version, which apparently means "oak tree." Haha! I think it will grow on me, although I'm not really a fan of most surnames as first names. At least it doesn't sound preppy! (pronounced EYE-ler) Jon thanked me for coming - of course! I'll figure stuff out later, since I may just bus to their place for babysitting or whatever.

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