Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gold N Silver Pawn Shop... I'll be on it for you!

Talked to Chinese Eric on MSN last night about the Vegas trip, money from there, souvenirs from the Gold N Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas, his college trip there almost ten years ago (the Vegas experience has changed - I'll let him know!), the LATE new baby, luck, irony if the "feisty" baby comes during that trip, and more. I didn't mind if he took an hour to respond to my original message! Today, I plan to finish the LJ location field project before gaming once more. Maybe I'll complete FFII once more before I go to Vegas! (that is, if the entire known universe doesn't buzz me all the time...) Got a wedding thank-you card / photo in the mail today from Dawn and Eni, too! :D

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