Thursday, May 24, 2012


After swearing a lot because people who call me don't know how to hang up their phone properly, I received a call from my mom's cell. She said stuff about a restaurant in Lansdowne Mall called Rhino [actually Rhino's Kitchen], asked if I wanted to go there for dinner (I have no idea where it is, so NOT LIKELY), Auntie Ruby, Grandma and mah-jonng, food, and more. Hope Harmony's eventual baby doesn't come out looking like tuna sashimi, as in a dream I once had! She said she bought me a new grey purse plus some skulls stuff... sure, later then! I can also give her the containers back, if I don't forget! Paul W. added me to FB via RandomThought, too. I finally got around to looking Rhino's Kitchen up on the Lansdowne Mall site; after swearing at the impossibly small schematic, I finally found the damn restaurant in California Café's old location near Toys R Us. Maybe I will go there instead! Steph called me half an hour later to say that she just got off work, and will see me later. I told Chinese Eric and Corey some stuff via MSN / Skype messages - YAY FOR TRUST! If I meet the family at Tim Horton's in Richmond Centre, it'll be easier!

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