Sunday, May 27, 2012

AUNTIE! / HYMN for a boy child?! (a girl would have been bad, too...)

When Eric called me this morning after I'd gotten an offliner MSN message from him ("are you pretending to be offline?"), I told him that I'd been out seeing the baby! Yes, it is finally out and into the world. I guessed I might as well go to church, and then found out that Tammy had posted congratulations on my wall - I had to delete that within 24 seconds, man! On the way there, we discussed birth details / my mother / the baby / construction / traffic lights / dirt trucks / Ikea being demolished / his Fellowship Committee Meeting this afternoon / New York accents. At church, Auntie Ying / Auntie Catherine / Auntie Lillian / Auntie Vivian / Brian / Denise / Anita / Jeff / Emily / Joey / Lincoln / Randal / Auntie Brenda / Uncle Eric / Vivian congratulated me at varying times throughout the day. When I got into service, I whispered the news to Denise while waving hi to baby Micah, who played the drums later in the fellowship hall. I sat with Eric (as is usual when we come in after 10), but we had to move over to make room for Karen. Afterwards, I gave her the stuffed Easter bunny for her son Marcus, who just calls them all "dogs," hahaha. I talked to Vivian about the baby name spelling (like "Tyler," but with an A instead of a T), to Randal about the name's meaning / becoming an aunt, to Brian about how he was waiting for the FB announcement all week, to Lincoln about Vegas and the baby, to Gino about last Friday, to Sarah C. about Ultimate at Sunrise Park, to Hien about the baby (Corey and Kenny had congratulated me yesterday via Skype messages), to Auntie Catherine about getting together when I get back, to little Joanna about where her mom Anita was (I hadn't seen her!), and just said hi to Amanda / Jeremy / others.

After I talked to the Wongs for a while, Joanna yelled "BYE!" to me several times - how cute! She's never talked to me before, and her big sister Allison loves her sundresses! I saw Ashley, Anastasia, her dad Danny, Ramen / Shira and their mom Jessie, Ada, Wesley, Martin, Mattias, James, David, Evelyn, and a new boy child named HYMN at Toddler Sunday School today. I'd like to know what the kid's parents Sam and Irene were smoking when they decided that HYMN was a good name for the child; not that it would have been better if it were a girl. At least the kid appeared to understand a bit of English! Discussed Mott's Fruitsations, slides, gummies, Goldfish crackers, slides, coloring, crashes, Lego, and more. Talked to David and Evelyn's mom Linda for a bit later on: she says the kids are naughty and give her a headache! Hahaha, I bet that does happen!

Went downstairs to find a bazaar in full swing; Grandma complained that the noodles were all sold out: OF COURSE THEY WERE! I gave a bunch of candy to Julie C., Natalie W., and Hannah W. to share; then I asked Eric (who had asked whether *I* had cash for the bazaar food - I paid for curry fish balls, but not for rice wraps or BBQ pork) whether he were going to the Floata farewell dinner for Auntie Rebecca. He probably was and could give me a ride there and back, but he didn't have the cash for a ticket. I gave him my payment for my own ticket, and he joked that he'd go buy something nice with it instead. HE'D BETTER NOT, SINCE $22 IS IMPORTANT! Since Dad was going home afterwards, I opted to go home with him and Grandma; good thing Mom was at work! At home, I got an offliner from Chinese Eric with CONGRATS and HUGS and "TELL ME ALL THE DETAILS NEXT TIME! SO HAPPY FOR JON / HARMONY!" Hahahaha, he KNOWS that I will DEFINITELY do that! I also replied to Mandy's email while I was at it.

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