Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chen's, SLB, yam ice cream, and skulls

Met my parents at Tim Horton's, and we went to Chen's for dinner... had Happy Family Soup, SLB, meat, and a bunch of other buns. Grandma was okay at dinner, although she asked me a lot about whether I wanted more soup after I told her that I was full. Then we went to the townhouse, where my parents fielded a call from Auntie Wing Yee about stuff. Mom got me a grey purse, a skull necklace, a skull wallet, toothbrushes, and other things; she thinks I carry my laptop around everywhere, which is definitely not the case! She tried getting me to look up some show called SAVING HOPE, and to teach her about updating her Facebook status; she shouldn't update about certain things going on right now! Had shrimp chips, yam ice cream, coffee, and watermelon before waiting to go home, or for news. I only noticed I was wearing my black dragon shirt backwards twenty minutes ago: FAIL! Tuomas K. added me to Facebook from the Puckheads, too. (discussed suitcases and packing tips)

Mom: "Who's Megan Fox?"
Me: "She's an actress."
Dad: "Oh, indecent!"
Me: "What?!"
Dad: "I just mean that she uses her body... that kind of thing."

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