Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cleaning the laptop; payment is reasonable!

Andrew M. said he could come by tonight after dinner to clean my laptop fans or whatever, so that sounded fine to me! Of course, I thanked him for it. Called him at 7 to discussed compressed air (no straws in mine?!), preparation, baby duty, Mom's thinking that text messaging worked on home phones (NO!), and more. When he got here at 8:20, we talked about Memory Express / dust / people named Neville or Hermione (HARRY POTTER!) / Teunis' hard drives and computers / cooling systems / hair / Trillian / Semagic / Skype. We also discussed my Spyro the Dragon (which his son would love), cleaning out fans and bearings, his wife Teresa, his kids (the baby learned to stick her tongue out today!), swimming, dancing at weddings, backyard BBQs, iPads, Vegas, payment (sounded reasonable), "bowed" cupboards, FB messages, my guestbook, all my CDs (I found Corey's MP3 CD part 2 in the Radiohead one!), pictures of my computer, Chinese Eric, and babies. Everything sounded reasonable, so it's fine.

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