Monday, May 21, 2012

"Paying respects to Dad" ... he's not DEAD yet!

Steph woke me up when she called at 11, so I quicky did what I had to do before leaving. (I'd been having a dream where Mark, Joey, Sheena, and others were in a big group in someone's basement: the party game was "Take Your Friend's Bra Off Your head Without Help"! WTF?) Good thing I'd packed my clothes for the trip last night while I remembered! On the way over to the townhouse, we discussed Phil and Grace's new plans - so sudden! When we got there, we talked to Mom about dementia and Minoru while saying hi to Grandma. Called Jon to invite him to lunch, but Harmony had an appointment - this baby is LATE! After a while, we ate a lunch consisting of spaghetti / pizza / spinach / Chinese desserts while talking about Uncle Reuben, Auntie Christine, Alzheimer's, Jane, Dad not happy about no church, Karen Grace saying that her mom talked ALL THE TIME to her brother Edwin's baby (so she feels sorry for it), family stuff, Auntie Dorothy, ovarian cancer, and diet. Mom said that I could go out in the rainy weather to take Grandma out somewhere instead of doing the dishes, so I did. (I'd get butter chicken and stuff like muffins later) While I was at the house, I paid the parents $60 more for the trip - no, I have NOT (and will not) give you $310! We went to Richmond Centre, but Grandma complained that she had to stand and wait for the bus since the bench was wet; I can't say I'm a big fan of it either, but some things just have to be done!

Since she said she wanted to buy toothpaste, we ended up at Shoppers Drug Mart. Luckily, Colgate toothpaste was on sale for a dollar each. She also got on-sale canned Clover Leaf salmon, and two boxes of multigrain Life crackers / wildberry hard candies / a Father's Day card for me. The Kleenex wasn't on sale, so she didn't get any... nor did she get dog food or cleaning supplies. She saw maxipads, and figured she wouldn't have to buy any. Probably a good thing, since she's 92! She gave me a quarter before we went to McDonalds to get ice cream / hot water / a senior's coffee, which she paid for. Then we browsed Yuen Shing very briefly before going back to the townhouse. She thought she knew how to get home, but I wasn't going to lave her alone to do that! Yes, it was probably a lot of walking for her, but I did my duty! Now I'm just catching up on stuff using my dad's IE while Steph is still scanning old childhood photos and uploading some to FB. Guess we're also staying for dinner, which includes rice / taro / ribs.

Mom, upon my sister and my arrival at her townhouse: "Haven't you gone upstairs and paid your respects to Dad yet?!" *sister and I look at each other and burst out laughing* "MOM! Do you want your husband to be DEAD?!" "... isn't that what you say?!"

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