Thursday, May 12, 2005

Realizations about the bridal shower, and a pre-cruise to-do list

I just realized that I can't make it to Anita's bridal shower because of the Alaska cruise.

Stuff I must do before May 23:

* book off Awana for May 28 (second time in the month, bleh! :P)
* book off Sunday School for May 29 (poor Frances can get Auntie Bessy to help her!)
* tell Esther, Maxine, Sabrina, and Karen that I can't make it to the shower after all
* write Lee's and Alan's birthday cards, and give them out
* find out Alaska weather from Chris W.
* pack a bunch of books and clothing
* make sure my sister will put digital pics from the cruise online
* REMEMBER not to use the Net "services" on the cruise (expensive!)

Corey's now warning me that boats DO get thrown over mountains up there, and stuff gets destroyed on these mountains. Thanks, dude!

[16:31:37] mrptptpt: well, it's probably pretty cool :P hopefully, your boat doesn't get thrown over a mountain, though
[16:31:45] mrptptpt: that's been known to happen up there :P
[16:36:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: cruise ships are in water, aren't they?
[16:39:29] mrptptpt: right, and boats in Alaska can get thrown up on top of mountains :P
[16:39:51] mrptptpt: I don't think it happens often, but it happens
[16:40:23] mrptptpt: when it happens, most of the mountain is pretty much destroyed too... the stuff on it anyway.. the actual mountain is probably fine :P
[16:43:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: aiya.
[16:44:46] mrptptpt: so be careful around mountains, okay? :P
[16:46:04] mrptptpt: this stuff is caused by gigantic waves bigger than a wave could possibly get around there without breaking lots of laws of physics :P I saw some stuff about this... they had people all over the world researching it
[16:47:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: all right then, I'll keep safe :P
[16:50:06] mrptptpt: they figured out that the waves are caused by landslides... a mountain drops a whole shitload of dirt and stuff into the water, if it falls with a huge air pocket underneath it... then all that air and the stuff from the landslide displaces about 8 bazillion gallons of water, resulting in what probably happens when you set off nuclear bombs underwater, and the wave wipes out the whole side of the mountain :P
[16:51:31] mrptptpt: they had a guy on there that had a story about being in his boat, and suddenly he was ABOVE the mountain... and somehow managed to ride it out and land safely.. I forget how the landing part worked, I think he ended up back in water... maybe the wave pulled him back down again, I forget :P but anyway... those waves will fuck your shit up :P
[16:56:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: AIYOH
[17:05:07] mrptptpt: so have fun! ;)
[17:05:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: I will ;)

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