Thursday, May 12, 2005

Oversleeping AGAIN / forgotten toothbrush / Alaskan cruises / French onion ramen

I went to bed at around midnight, and just got up at 1:25. Yes, I slept for 13.5 hours. :P (I've done that before...) I think I needed the sleep, what with the previous 48 hours or so. But that means I overslept again, since I had plans with Shannon for exactly this time today... sigh. Sound familiar to anyone? True, I could have set my alarm, but I thought I'd be waking up in time... just like last Tuesday evening. There's no way I can make it down to Lonsdale Quay in reasonable time, even if I wanted to! I just haven't seen her since December or something, and didn't talk to her for about five months afterwards.

Oh well, at least I left a message on her machine stating why I wouldn't be there today! She'd better not call my parents' house to find out where I am, as is her wont when these situations come up / my line is forever busy! I've had it out with her before because of this, and if she does it AGAIN.... her name WILL be mud! At least I now have time to myself, and a break in my busy schedule to just chill. ;) (I will NOT oversleep tomorrow when I have plans with Yazmine, since that would truly be nasty! :P)

My mom just sent me and Jon an email:

Hi kids,

Good news! After 4 hours with the travel agent, I have booked Princess cruise to go to Alaska on May 23 and coming back May 30 in the morning. We will fly to Alaska on the 23 and then board the ship coming south to Vancouver. We will find out details about the flight next week because Princess is going to charter a plane for the passengers. We will be arriving Vancouver on May 30 early in the morning. Just tickets and cruise already cost more than $5000.00 dollars. There will be at least $1000.00 more when we pay for transfer from airport to ship, tips, and one side trip. For our family get together, I think it's worthy.

Leslie, by middle of next week, you can be on line to tell the passport office to hold off sending you the passport till after May 30, they might send you earlier then there will be no problem, you can use your photo ID and the small plastic birth certificate to go to Alaska for now. The internet address for passport office is or Canada Post Web site at

Jon-how was your meeting with aunt janis, I will call you one day this week.


I'd like to hear what my brother thinks of Aunt Janis for sure!

Alaskan cruises sound very interesting! Go, us! :D

(no, my siblings and I have never been on a cruise before!)

P.S. I've just tried French onion ramen, and it's very good. :D
(only Superstore seems to have it, though!)

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