Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Birthday tantrums, halvah, dessert crepes, embarrassment, roses and Borax

I wished my friend Jayson a happy birthday earlier. He threw the virtual equivalent of a temper tantrum, and mentioned that certain people had dragged him into a chat room labelled "hb2y." In his words, they mocked him... he has a feeling that the day is just going to get worse. From what I saw of the logs someone sent me, they were just showing him that they loved him. Mock, indeed! :P (he really doesn't like people to remember his birthday, for some reason... what a weird person to be with, wouldn't you think? :P)

I also went shopping just now, and bought some chocolate halvah to try. Yes, I know it's a Jewish thing (it was in with the cheese section), but it might be good! I'll try new things that seem like they'd appeal to me, haha. I also bought some dessert crepes for later on: if Jayson doesn't like the idea, too bad. I'm planning to pay for his Pho dinner, mwahahaha. Alli wants me to do something embarrassing to him, as I'd earn the undying love and affection of her, Jami, and Neko. I'll see what I can cook up... ;)

Remember those roses Eric H. bought me on Valentine's Day? I decided to FINALLY see how they were doing from all the Borax (yes, I am fully aware that it is now May :P ), and they preserved quite well. I'm keeping the roses and the petals somewhere around, but am really unsure of their final destination. Right now, they're in a state of undignified repose (if such a thing can be written about roses and petals) on a soggy paper towel in the kitchen. I just hope that washing loads of Borax down the sink drain doesn't do anything dodgy to the apartment plumbing... coz that would be bad, y'know? o_O

Now, to do other things before I leave at 6:05-ish...

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