Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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This is very cool. Get it done here! :D

I was up by 7:25 to go the passport office at 8:30, where I applied for a passport. Hopefully, I'll get it by Hon's birthday. (May 25) Afterwards, my parents and I had breakfast at a Chinese restaurant nearby, and then went shopping for some groceries and seafood. Thanks to my mom, I now have some almond tofu dessert: that should probably do for my lunch, since I had congee / mushroom omelette / toast / macaroni with shredded ham / tea / milk / coffee for breakfast. I wish I could nap, but I can't because I have plans at 2:30-ish to go grocery shopping. After that, I *might* be able to nap... but given my recent track record of oversleeping, it's probably not such a good idea! Eh, I'll nap after my Pho dinner... that should do, even if it means not being a good hostess. Unless I'm wired from the caffeine I was mainlining earlier... yikes! ;)

I also got a surprise in the mail today: a Hawaii postcard from Dawn! I'd vaguely heard she was going there, but wasn't quite sure when. I did see her at church, though! I'll thank her for it on Friday / Sunday. We'll see if I got to Fellowship with my week, haha. Reminds me, I have to call Yazmine to confirm the time we're meeting at Metrotown. (that is, if my body doesn't conspire against me! :P)

Esther, Sabrina, Maxine, and Karen C. sent me an Evite to Anita's bridal shower on May 29 from 12:30 to 4. It's at Maxine's place, and I should be able to get a ride from Frances there after Sunday School. I'll have to confer with her and Lily about rides there and back: plenty of time to do that, though! After missing baby showers for Helen C. and Winnie, I can finally make it out to one of these things! *laughs at memories of Winnie's bridal shower and party, especially the "maxipads as fashion accessories" video and Kenny's bad reaction to the cake Winnie baked for him*

For my own reference:

From: Esther, Sabrina, Maxine, and Karen
Location: Maxine's Place
When: Sunday, May 29, 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Anita's BIG day is quickly approaching, and she'd like all of you to celebrate with her over good food.

Bring your chef's hat and culinary skills and you'll be put to work creating your own feast!! All ingredients for lunch and dessert will be provided at a cost of $7.

Bring along with you a favourite recipe on a landscape layout of 12cmx9cm and we'll be putting together a recipe box for her (if you need more space feel free to use 2 pages).

Please pay Esther, Maxine, or Karen C. in advance of the big day.

Please RSVP by Sunday May 22, 2005

The only problem with that is I don't have a favorite recipe / a cook's inclination. Time to scour the Internet for these things... or whatever. :P

Heh... Chrystal's invited, but she's in Korea. It's the thought that counts! ;)

Might as well register with Evite, too... ;)

I should get extra money when I go shopping at Save-On Foods later.

Script for dinner:

Aiya. Crazy boy. It's your birthday. No problem for me to pay for you!

Aiya. Sui jie. Hai ley-goh sang-yut. Oi mi-dan bei lay!

(yes, I know... my phonetic rendering is terrible! :P)

(all done in horrible malformed Chinese, which he won't understand anyhow :P)

Edit: Since the pictures aren't showing up (for now?), it's supposed to be my name.

Edit 2: And of course as SOON as I edit the post to explain what it's supposed to be, the pictures are right back up again. Oh well.

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