Friday, June 01, 2012

DRAGON WARRIOR Tantegel / May 2012 BBT Tally

DRAGON WARRIOR: You've reached level three, and your efforts have been rewarded with the Heal spell! This is by far the best spell in the game. You will cast it more than any other spell, and it will save your life more times than you can count. To use the spell, wait until you've taken some damage, and select Spells from the menu, and select Heal. You will lose 4 magic points, but you will gain 10-15 hit points. Plus, as an added bonus, there is a way to avoid spending money at the inn for a while. When you were talking with the people in Tantegel castle, you came across an old man behind a counter, who said something about the descendants of Erdrick, but didn't do anything. Now that you have magic points, (five of them to be exact) you can go get them filled for free! Talk to the old man, and he will fill up your magic points. The old man plus lots of heal spells equals full hit points and magic points for free! The added bonus to this is that the old man is in the castle, the same place where you need to save the game. So now that you know how to get mucho free life, you can fight more powerful enemies. Remember the cave entrance in the small desert? Well, right around it, you will be able to fight Ghosts, who give more gold and experience than Slimes and Drakees. You might also run into a Magician, but run from them if you do. You're still too weak to fight them. When you feel adventurous, go inside of the cave. You'll first notice that the entire place is dark. The torch you got from King Lorik could be of great use right now. Luckily, this cave is under a protective spell, and no enemies reside in it. Look around until you find the stairs down, then on the second floor, look for a treasure chest. When you find it, take it... you will find an old tablet. Upon reading the tablet, you will find out that you are a descendant of Erdrick. Well, hot dog! If you don't have the Leather Armor by now, you should be able to afford it, so go and get it. If you already have Leather Armor, you might want to pick up a Dragon Scale as well.


blueberry @ Big Orange (Wednesday, May 23)

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