Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog wakes Taiwanese zombies up!

Woke up at 8:25 AM because of the extremely sunny weather. Blocked a random YM person who messaged me at 2:40 AM, since I didn't know a Jake or Jasper. Complained to Corey on MSN about waking up early, who said that it was UP TIME and that the early bird gets the worm. ("but the late worm stays alive!") Talked about Daylight Savings Time, which they don't do in Taiwan; LUCKY! He says he got a high school girl to talk in class today; Sonic the Hedgehog got them to change from zombie status, of all things! Discussed my new discovery, a Compaq Presario, prank calls, and more. Had to change to the new version of Blogger, too. A while later, Cecilia M. added me on Facebook; it's all good!

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