Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'll be very impressed if she IS morbid! / Quickest Pho dinner EVER!

I spent way too much time at Chapters today while deciding what to get so I could use up my coupon which expires on May 31, and a bit too much time stalling at home before mailing stuff to Corey and Billie. Went to the humor section for the Bathroom Readers and the Onion, but decided not to get those books. (National Parks / Quotable Quotes / Embedded in America!) Decided to go to the history and community / culture sections for something different after I tried out the true crime section. Was going to get something on the sinking of the Lusitania from the bargain section, but rationalized that I'd never read it even if it WAS only $5.99! I finally decided on Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die (Michael Largo), The Giant Book of Unsolved Crimes: The Best Collection of Murder and Mystery Cases Ever (Roger Wilkes), and The Mammoth Book of How It Happened: Eyewitness Accounts of Great Historical Moments from 2700 BC to AD 2005 by Jon E. Lewis. Promptly got on a newer-style Broadway bus with nice plush dark blue seats! A lady wanted to know a bunch of stuff about me, so I made things up as I went along, haha. Cordia and Joyce got on the bus a good while later at the Skytrain station, and Joyce waved to me. Since we were going to get off the bus soon, I joined them at the rear door, where Cordia waved to me. When I told them about what I'd bought, Cordia seemed interested / amused in the true crime and death books - I didn't really know she was morbid too! Guess I'll have to ask her about this later, since I'm impressed that she's so morbid! (I'll get her into the morbid facts newsletter, hehe... and maybe get her the death book for her birthday since she likes it so much!) Warned Joyce not to get herself caught in the doors, and Cordia said that they were hungry and needed food: sounded just like me! They'd been at Joyce's house and not school - I should remember that school is mostly out unless you're taking summer courses, eep. We got off at Nanaimo (where I assured them that we DID get off there), and went our separate ways to 7-11 / the good Pho restaurant.

I had the quickest dinner EVER at the Pho place - I was going to get soup noodles, but decided that I'd get salad rolls instead since it was almost / past 7:30. Easier to eat, as well... just scarf 'em down and leave a $5 bill on the table as payment, haha. Total time from entering to exiting the place: ten minutes! Arrived at church "on time" (meaning our program hadn't started yet, har har - bad, I know :P), and discovered that the younger group was upstairs when I said hi to Phil / Joey / Sheena / Darren. Went downstairs and grabbed a chair to sit behind Jeremy while they were singing. Confirmed the date for Karen, and chatted a bit to people after singing was done. Told Randal (to remind myself) that I had something for him later on, so he had to catch me later. He told me not to run too fast... I don't do that anyhow! There was a new-ish guy named Manson from the Chinese fellowship who joined us: at first, I thought he looked like Lee.. then I was like "Since when is Dave back in town?" since his profile looked like Dave! When I heard his name, I thought Dylan said "Hanson"... so I was like: "What kind of a name is that? Reminds me of that boy band teeny group!" Then someone confirmed it was "Manson" - that set the stage for Marilyn Manson's Beautiful People to be in my head on and off all evening! ;) (my brother later said that I could have said "Charles Manson" and he might not have understood - hahaha, probably!)

Andrea, Jeremy, and I amused ourselves during Bible Study... I don't think Dylan was too impressed, haha. It started with Jeremy telling me that there wasn't usually such a thing as too-strong instant coffee, then he accidentally dropped part of his ginger cookie in his coffee! His drink kinda looked like a Jon combination by the time he was done fishing the submerged cookie with a chip, heh. Then we read Deuteronomy 13:1-5 (with verse 9 as additional evidence), and that's when the real fun started. Stoning evildoers who preach false prophecy, and our hand needing to be the first one to strike against them? We were all for that one, even if Jeremy wanted to leave it to George Bush! Dylan thought we were being too bloodthirsty: Jon later said that Dylan likes George Bush and is conservative that way, Jeremy doesn't like George Bush, and he's not sure what Andrea's feelings are. It was pretty funny, and you had to be there! Then Jeremy's eyes wandered to Deuteronomy 14:26 - using your money however you desired, like on sheep / oil / strong (fermented) drink? Of course he used the last part to refer to beer: more specifically, IPA. I told him that he should tell Jon about the verse, and he said that Jon had already recommended it to him as his favorite: "You know what THAT refers to!" Told Andrea what IPA was, then we couldn't stop laughing for a while! (looking at him trying not to laugh made ME break out into giggles... oh, the humor!) Not sure what Manson thought, but we were having a lot of joking fun as Dylan desperately tried to get our discussion back on topic!

Afterwards, Dylan left to go encourage a female friend going on missions. Jeremy and I repaired to the kitchen, where we discovered that our excuses for not going to the church picnic tomorrow were kinda similar: it starts too early, and we wouldn't be able to wake up on time! (he's going to Kelowna for two days until Monday - guess I'll have to think about Sunday seating!) Talked to Lesley / Manson / Andrea about biking, work, EA sports ("it's in the game!"), the furniture store, commutes, the Bible Study outing ("holding hands at the Night Market with Frances' group!" quoth Karen... no bowling / Zone food for us with her group!), Eric's whereabouts, and weekend plans. I showed Cordia, Joyce, and Quan my new death book when they came downstairs - Cordia learned her useless fact for the day (about how many people get killed by jellyfish), and loved the fact that it was illustrated! Showed the book to Andrea, Lesley, Jeremy, Tony, and Jon as well. Managed to get in a goodbye to Jeremy and Manson when they were busy talking about roommates and such: Jon and I had to go pick Steph up from volunteering at the Memorial Cup in ten minutes' time.

Talked to Christon about the 24 party, and educated Tony on the show. Held a lock and key for Stanley, and talked to him about certain circumvention measures: no porn folders at school, haha. Just when the three of us were going to leave, Randal called my name a couple of times: yes, I did have something for him, but he'd have to get it on Sunday since we were in a hurry! (that line will NOT be timely, heh) Jon had invited Tony for bubble tea, so Steph figured that we could go to Bubble World since it was near the Joyce Skytrain station - good idea, since I still have a stamp card for that place! Tony said he'd never seen Steph so tired: she worked and volunteered for 14 hours straight today! He told us great stories about working at Wal-Mart: some $1000 transaction that took 20 minutes to complete (with people in a lineup behind this customer) because he wasn't informed about gift certificates and non-taxable stuff for kids until the MIDDLE of checking things out! Then there was the time he stayed up till 4 AM at a friend's Boxing Day party, and had to work a 20-hour shift starting at 7 AM - or I may just be mixing my stories up. Either way, it sounded pretty horrible even if he DID get paid overtime! (they'd better pay him that, heh) Educated him on the word "unassuming" (Steph was saying that Ivan was like that even though he's good at guitar / sports / school), talking to Jeremy via cell phone ("we're at a bubble tea place that ISN'T Dragon Ball!"), 24, the WHL and Memorial Cup, NHL Canadian hockey teams, Jon's phone number, our church, Floodlight, my name, why I was riding in the car, dumplings, Dallas, Sunday dinners, song sharing, Jon's weird taste in music, and other things. He didn't listen to music as a teen, but did some roleplaying games and such to express himself - kinda like what he does now online, haha. Good times!

Steph seemed to like the Sudoku book I got her, and says she forwarded the TV show email to Mom - that's good, since I knew she'd do that. Harmony called Jon and tried to trick him by saying that she missed her flight to Vancouver tonight: she's a bad liar! Discussed plans for the next three days, Vivian S., temporarily suspending cell phone calls (I suck :P), what Eric said to me on MSN yesterday, my "SPONGES!" craziness last week, Nathan not being back on Monday, the pearl comparison between Bubble World and Dragon Ball (about the same consistency - not quite the same taste!), weddings next week and in Toronto, and emails. When I got home, Corey tried challenging me on something: I don't THINK so, buddy! Never mind his idea about what a perfect gift for someone in my life would be, although I thought he'd say something else... what he DID suggest was bad enough already, cheh! :P

Your Power Bird is a Dove

Deep and emotional, you can connect well with almost any living creature.
You bring hope and optimism to any dire situation.
You are both gentle and affectionate with everyone you love.
Truly nurturing, most people consider you to be a mother figure.

Ha, I think I'll have to work on all that! :P

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