Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Free drugs, Weetabix, "jumbo" packages, and sanity

Finally got to call Dr. Ruby's office at 2:45, and got an appointment time two hours later - that was quicker than I expected, so YAY! I then showered and then had to clean up a big water mess with towels and such, so LAUNDRY TIME IT WAS before noodles! Of course, James messaged me on YM while I was busy with the above, so I ignored it (not really on purpose? haha) in favor of doing this before I had to leave the apartment. Saw Auntie Stella, who was impressed that I didn't have to wait at the office! I brought up the possibility of something else happening inside, so Auntie Ruby said it would be worth checking out. Ultrasound for me in Richmond later, I'm guessing... and I'm not even pregnant!

Went to London Drugs to get my prescription filled, and spent the next hour or so reading various books (DRAGON TATTOO / Stuart McLean / DARWIN AWARDS / ACCORDING TO THE ROLLING STONES) before I wondered if it was ready yet! It was, and I got warned about nausea / hormones / side-effects! While I was at the store, I picked up two "jumbo three-month supply" packages of ALWAYS pads - HAHAHAHA! I DON'T THINK SO! Also bought on-sale Weetabix biscuits, an on-sale candy cane chocolate bar, and an on-sale bag of chocolate gold Santa eggs. Finally got home an hour ago, emailed Chinese Eric a slightly more thorough update than I plan to give James later (I know Eric won't feel icky), and then finally checked my IM session. Turns out he knows I'm busy, and wanted to update me on his whereabouts before he came home - aww, that's sweet! Called Steph to tell her about things; I'm not sure I'd tell MOM about this stuff, man! I AM NOT THE PREGNANT PERSON IN THIS FAMILY!

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