Sunday, January 01, 2012

Forgetting secondary resolutions / Awkward Pho avoided...

I actually got up this morning; when I called Eric an hour later to bug him about the Pho family lunch (WHY WOULD I ASK WHETHER HE WERE GOING IF I WASN'T?!), he inadvertently reminded me of my secondary resolution to not go to church as much. This is NOT GOOD, hahaha. After that, I went back to bed. Got up again at 11:15 to discover that Eric had called four minutes before, so of course I called him back. He said that he obviously wasn't going to make it out today, so I said that was just fine by me! Then I called Steph since Jon probably wouldn't be available at that time: when she heard that we couldn't make it (and she had to tell Mom!), she tried convincing me to bus. I DON'T THINK SO! Maybe I'll call her next week so I can see when to get together with her and Lisa, heh. CHINESE NEW YEAR, GRANDMA, AND FIRE DRAGONS, OH MY!

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