Saturday, December 17, 2011

HMV closing, TACO LUIS, breathable pants, and AWESOME TIMES!

After watching the hockey game, Chinese Eric and I chilled for a bit before going out to Richmond Centre. We walked around and looked at some of the Christmas displays - I noticed that HMV is going to close down next week! Of course, there were a bunch of bargains inside when we looked... but I don't have Blu-Ray or anything like that, never mind the money to buy those things! There were some band T-shirts, but I don't want to wear stuff for New Found Glory or other emo bands! I didn't mind going into SportsChek or whatever they're calling themselves these days while he looked at some stuff like BC Lions merchandise and breathable pants he can wear at home. While we were there, I saw a warm Canucks toque with earflaps... then we went into Old Navy, and he saw Pittsburgh Steelers / Vancouver Canucks T-shirts. I have no clue whether white Eric is still jovial and happy over the Lions winning the Grey Cup, haha. Briefly looked at things in EB Games, which I didn't mind either. His cousin introduced Auntie to the Wii, haha - it could be a good investment!

We went into Indigo Spirit and looked at biographies and such (and the murder notepads!) while talking about them, later plans, parking lot LUCK, resting because of tiredness (much better than throwing up and having to leave early!), Subway, having coffee at Starbucks, businesses, how often I called / saw my family, his health, downloads, Value Village, Pho and my mood about it, ripping movies, polygamy (ew), fluctuating mealtimes (HE UNDERSTANDS!), the bigger Chapters store, and more. I discovered the start of redrum, but couldn't do anything about that... maybe that's been why I've been so tired in the last couple of days, besides lack of sleep! BLACK IS THE WAY TO GO! Then I asked what he was doing on Boxing Day, since I figure the only way I'll go to that family dinner and halfway enjoy it is if he's there, hahaha. Of course I figure that his mom scheduled a bunch of stuff for next week, but he should be okay for that evening. Should be good times IF Mom says yes - if not, I ain't going!

Later, we checked out Chapters, looking at Canucks books / more biographies / TINTIN / THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO / the bargain section. Then we went to Lansdowne Mall to see what was up there: it was quieter! He apologized for not parking closer to the food court, but it was fine as he didn't know where it was! Hell, I had to apologize for not knowing what I wanted to eat! (of course, he said that was okay, too) Finally, I decided on TACO LUIS - two specials sounded good to us! We discussed Steph, Lisa, gay people, Christians, my choosing dinner since he chose the snack, Facebook / Twitter communication, white Eric / worship / sound duties, busing to church on Sunday mornings being too much trouble, support, Xmas Eve service, Erica, Korean BBQ with a bunch of people next time, Jon being a pastor, and more. When he dropped me off at 9:20 with MERRY CHRISTMAS / HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes, I took care of things first before calling Steph, who said that Mom and Dad went out to dinner before Fellowship. "But I called at 6-something!" was met with "That's when normal people have dinner!" Meh, whatever... I love my non-normal schedule! I also discovered that I'd missed a "hello!" message from white Eric on MSN... haha, I'll figure it out tomorrow!

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