Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Awesome people, thought colors, and DEATH MACHINE!

I think I missed a phone call from Chinese Eric today! Of course, "BLOCKED CALL" could be anyone as far as I know, but I associate it with Eric most of all. Hopefully, he got my email last night... and there is a game on today! :D

I got THREE Christmas cards in today's mail, too! Yay for Janina, Marie, Kelli, and Kitty! LJ has changed its comment fields again; the only thing I notice on the custom layer is that the comment boxes are bigger. I'm sure I'll notice more stuff soon, heh. Oh, wait - the time now automatically updates even in EDIT mode... interesting!

Your Thoughts Are Blue

You are empathetic and feeling. Your thoughts are always colored with emotion.

You tend to be a positive and optimistic thinker. You don't dwell on what's going wrong.

Your purpose in life is to make the world better. There's so much you want to change.

You think more about what could happen than what is happening. Possibilities are what interest you most.

I had MUCH better luck with the DEATH MACHINE quest in FINAL FANTASY 1's Whisperwind Cove! Only 15 minutes into it, as opposed to THREE OR FOUR HOURS with the TYRANNOSAUR! (and they're equally rare, I believe) Of course, all my characters are now Level 99...

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