Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4-2 win over Detroit! / CHINESE ERIC! / Suitable gestures

The Canucks won 4-2 over the Wings tonight! Vanessa says she has something for me tomorrow, so that's great! Chinese Eric called at 10:35, saying he'd been out driving his mom and her friends from Hong Kong around town; NO WORRIES, man! Of course, I basically rehashed what I said in my email - he said he'd check it, but I definitely wanted to talk to him about that stuff! Discussed SERVANTS / websites / brochures, help with Jon / Harmony moving, finding a suitable GESTURE as a present for Monday's dinner, whether I needed a lift (he's so considerate like that - unlike others?!), Nathan, Ciel, Saturday / Sunday, communication avenues like email / Facebook / MSN, MissionsFest, watching good hockey games here (of COURSE!), and more.

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