Thursday, February 03, 2011

Heavy toolboxes, DAY OF REST, and Tom Waits

Teunis and I discussed hair, H.P. Lovecraft / Cthulhu, the Necromicron, sci-fi, Fox News, US news not being trustworthy, Al-Jazeera in Egypt, the CRTC banning usage-based billing (for now?), being night people, the pork in the freezer, Windows vs. Linux, STEAM, Android emulators, culture, and relationships. We also discussed Steph / Chantal / Boston, CBC musical variety as opposed to Rock 101 / Jack-FM, cast iron pots / collapsible portable closets / TV in the storage locker, old friends, weekend plans, his VERY heavy toolbox (I can't lift that sucker up!), trebuchets (stone castle walls!) / British piano-moving companies, help with doors, and more prior to his leaving for dance class and such. White Eric tried calling me later, but didn't get an answer, so resorted to MSN to ask if I were going to Kevin's tomorrow / say that I should learn to give a straight answer to a question. When I said that I was taking Friday as a "Day of Rest," he tried arguing it from the Biblical perspective - I do what I want, and "resting in God's Word" isn't going to cut it tonight! After the last few days around here, I need the break - and Sunday isn't going to be restful what with church / Committee Meeting / CNY dinner! Perhaps if this chocolate is still around, I could share it whenever the next BS is, if I'm up for going to that one! Talked about Vivian and other topics before he signed off - PHEW! I found that Candy had tried calling me at around 9:05 - HA! FOILED AGAIN!

When Teunis got back at 10, we discussed my staying home tomorrow too (my plan all along) / yogurt / sausage rolls (not really DINNER as such...) / replacement monitors and TV / seasoning cast-iron equipment / juice / new spatulas / pancakes / new shampoo / the collapsible closet / storage / shelves. Robin came online and linked me to Tom Waits' Fumbling With The Blues - nice!

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