Saturday, December 31, 2011

Singapore research, Dragon Ball, holiday birthdays, and more!

While I was talking to James on YM, I called Mom to do the courteous thing and inform her that white Eric was in for New Year's lunch at Tsui Woo. Then she wondered about "yellow Eric" - WTF?! She also asked why I wasn't at Fellowship - NEW YEARS EVE WEEKEND! Thank goodness I have a plausible excuse THIS time! Chinese Eric called me at 8 to say he just got home, and we'd be hanging out with Nathan at about 10; that sounded good to me as long as he brought that bowl, haha! I hoped I didn't forget the MissionsFest booklet AGAIN like the ditz I'm apparently becoming! Let's just say I appreciated the notice so I could clean up a bit before he came here to chill, heh.

When Eric did come over, he said that his task was completed because he DID bring the bowl! Haha! I agreed with his joke while I gave him the MissionsFest booklet, and talked about bottled water and other things. We spent some time researching things in the clean (but strict!) city of Singapore based on what his ex Fay said years ago, just in case we did meet Nathan's Singaporean girlfriend Ciel tonight: food / leisure / places of interest, landmarks / landmark sites, the Singapore Flyer (which is a Ferris wheel), Jurong Bird Park, shopping malls, BASE jumping at Sky Park Observation Deck, Wild Wild Wet amusement park, Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Merlion, and more. All this research ultimately turned out to be for naught, as Ciel was way too tired after some modeling photo shoots and lots of family time to hang out with us later. Nathan tried calling Eric to update him on his plans, but that didn't quite work out as expected since the phone apparently went dead or something! This happened about three times before Eric just decided to go out into the hallway instead; I found out that Nathan had to drop Ciel off, and then maybe go to London Drugs before seeing us.

On the way to Dragon Ball, Eric and I talked about Dragon Ball in the Yaohan food court / Oakridge BBT places / uncles / aunties / Erica turning down New Year's plans because of their dad's birthday soon / Jeremy's party tomorrow (he'll call me either way - I trust him!) / bubble tea stamp cards / relationships with people / Macau / personal stuff / focusing on his health / problems / Fay / parking meters / Brian and Amy / old classmates with twins / life changes / Daniel / Michelle. While waiting at Dragon Ball when we came in at 10, Eric insisted on treating me to my Oreo cookie bubble tea; that was much appreciated! Nathan, Jon, and Harmony showed up more than half an hour later... I gave Nate his Christmas card ("great memory!"), and made Harmony laugh when she looked at the grammar book which Sara bought me for Xmas. We discussed baby Madeline / pressure / emails / immigration / Ciel's personality around people, weird BBT combos, Jon and Nathan's crazy jokes last night around Ciel and Harmony, cheesecake, Ciel's artsy model shoots not being appropriate for Nate's dad's condo, zombies, morbidity, poison, spanking kids, Ciel's family situation, and our various family drama.

Also discussed Brian and Amy getting married in August / Dawn and Eni getting married in March (Nate was surprised!) / my bling red sweater / the hockey playoffs last year / Eric possibly going back to Hong Kong for a bit in February / thesis research going down the drain because of his relationship with Ciel (his supervisor figured it out!) / his going back to the UK / our parents hanging out tonight / Facebook. Jon "joked" that Eric didn't have to pick me up tomorrow if he decided to drop by Jeremy's to check out the festivities / hockey game - OF COURSE HE DOES IF HE SAID HE WOULD! It was a good hangout, and something we don't get to do as often now! Thank goodness it wasn't tense! Eric and I stayed around outside to talk to Nate for a bit, until Eric worried that I was too cold. Hahaha, he's sweet - but I wasn't that cold! It was worth it to talk more to Nate about change and other things, anyway. In the car, we talked about parents / good friends / medicine / close relatives being impartial enough / tough love / his past girlfriends / good hangouts / more personal stuff which I won't reveal. Eric said that he'd walk me to the door, which was perfectly fine by me! I know I'll be hearing from him tomorrow!

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