Friday, December 30, 2011

Trusting Pirate Leila / Snowfield Goblins (glitch) / HANGING OUT!

Listened to a great 5-2 win over the Ducks while talking to James on YM for a bit. I had to restart FINAL FANTASY II again - I am determined to finish it, even with all the annoying resets! Chinese Eric reached me on MSN later: of COURSE Dragon Ball and Nathan would be awesome tomorrow if it ends up happening at 8! As for Saturday, he'll have to see because of family stuff with his grandma... perfectly understandable! Of course, I'm also up for downloading movies and hanging out here. Talked about his sister Erica, Boxing Day, shopping, new releases, and more. Vanessa showed up on MSN to say that her friend Jenn is also coming to lunch; fair enough! She still wants to go to Chapters after lunch, so we'll see!

Leila, on trusting pirates:

Goblin Guards on the snowfields?! This isn't supposed to happen! (and neither is Minwu in my party, but I took advantage of a code that let me have ALL items!)

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