Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yamatano Orochi in Whisperwind Cove / Mail delivery notices?!

Since I couldn't sleep at 4 AM, I turned on the computer and answered Mandy's emails instead. Good thing she got my card! When I actually did get up at 2:30, I found a mail delivery notice: YEAH, LIKE I HAVE TIME TO GO OVER TO BLUNDELL CENTRE THIS WEEKEND?! *unprintable language*

You Are a Comforting Hug

You're the type of person who has already learned a lot from living. You are ready and willing to help others now.

You are naturally empathetic. You wouldn't know how to stop relating to people, even if you wanted to.

You are truly caring. You show you care by dropping everything to help.

In relationships, you are a loyal partner - but you also value your space. Absence makes your heart grow fonder.

Here's a picture of another rare enemy in FINAL FANTASY 1's Whisperwind Cove: the Yamatano Orochi, derived from Japanese mythology! I missed the chance for a screenshot earlier while spending an hour hunting for one on a floating castle floor. Since I had to go back in this place to get a Flood Gigas and Flare Gigas, I hoped I'd get one... lo and behold, I found two without even searching!

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