Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Massive overpaying, JUDGING POOR GRAMMAR, Anthony, and slot machines

Noticed that Anthony unfriended me on FB, too - what the heck?! Before I left in the extremely rainy weather, white Eric called me on my swearing on MSN. WHATEVER - IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER! Went to Blundell Centre and Shoppers Drug Mart first to pick up my package from the post office; thank goodness I had my ID and mail delivery notice! The bubble-wrap Snoopy envelope happened to be Sara H.'s Christmas present: I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar: A Collection of Egregious Errors, Disconcerting Bloopers, and Other Linguistic Slip-Ups (Sharon Eliza Nichols), and Wacky Erasers! I also bought some on-sale pads (double!) and a Chinese New Year card for Grandma - YEAR OF THE DRAGON! Then I went to London Drugs to get on-sale noodles, on-sale Ferrero Rocher, and on-sale Pot of Gold. Got home to tell Eric about the Tsui Woo invite. I also raped my bank account by massively overpaying my Shaw bill... WHOOPS!

You Are a Cherry

You are constantly changing, adapting, and remixing. You entertain yourself by reinventing yourself.

People love you just the way you are - flaws and all. You never claimed you were perfect.

You are a unique person, both on the inside and outside. You love to show off your creative style.

You strive for harmony in all aspects of your life. You like things to go smoothly.

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