Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moral support at Xmas dinner, honesty in smuggling, and presents

Damien said hi via FB chat, so I talked to him briefly. Noticed that Darren L. unfriended me on FB - what the heck?! Chinese Eric dropped by for five minutes (talking about Youtube) before we went to the family Christmas dinner, so I made him sign the guestbook for last time, too. 50-piece McNuggets in the States, and a burger called the McGangbanger?! YIKES! On the way over, I updated him on stuff - of course he has my back when it comes to certain things, and I definitely thanked him for coming out and supporting me! He asked me if everyone was there yet; probably! We had fish, turkey, moussaka, fruit, truffles, mint chocolate chip ice cream, coconut ice cream, cranberry sauce, gravy, chocolates, coffee, tea, Belgian beer, smoked beer (which has a smoked ham aftertaste), champagne, veggie chips, cake, and more!

Both of us talked to Grandma, Mom, Dad, Steph, Lisa, Jon, Harmony, Erin, and Ben about hockey (Vancouver won 5-3 over the Oilers) / pregnancy / family dinners / gluten / bread / cheating on diets / leftovers / pork roast / containers / keys / Chinatown / nursing homes / Tsui Woo / Facebook / the NBA being back / Eddie / Grandma's comments on ecards / rotating video clips around (that's why Ben was here, haha) / ultrasound photos (who WANTS to see THOSE on Facebook?!) / Patrick C. / Alan and Polly / keychains / New Year's lunch (Mom invited both Erics) / Nathan / Ciel / SERVANTS / GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. Also discussed Karen Grace, Margaret, Auntie Brenda and boiling water, rental cars, Uncle Percy being 95 soon, Darren, Auntie Eva, Jason H., translation of Chinese, eggplant, looking things up on the computer, gas prices, doing dishes, helping Grandma, the States, Aldergrove, Langley, and more. When Harmony and I were in the kitchen alone, she wondered how I was doing now that "the world's most awesome person" was here. YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT CONNECTION, MY DEAR SISTER-IN-LAW! (yes, even if she's happy for me - which she said about DARKWING a few years ago, too!) Of course, she isn't DUMB, but still. :P

On the way home (Eric helped me with stuff), I asked if we could stop by the bank so I could deposit some money. Of course, he said yes WITHOUT making a big deal out of it like SOME PEOPLE would! It wasn't like I was asking him to go HOURS out of the way, and it was enroute to home in any case. When I got home after he helped me carry my stuff in, I discovered that I forgot to give him that MissionsFest booklet from last time... IT WAS RIGHT BY THE DOOR, TOO! Oh well! Edited entries and divided stuff into (Ziploc) bags for the fridge / drawers / regifting before catching up and such, too.

Mom's definition of smuggling beer over the US border: "Oh, but I was honest! I told the customs guard that I had some in the car!" Everyone else: "THAT'S NOT SMUGGLING!"

Presents: Guinness World Records 2012 from Steph and Lisa; Christmas card from Gabriel and Vivian; Christmas card from Vania; homemade chocolates, jalapeno cheese slices, two dark towels, hard candies, Mr. Big x2, Christmas card, three mugs, 2012 kitten calendar, Starlight mints, Whoppers, Kit Kats, teddy bear notebook, bubblegum candy, Coke, 2012 page-a-day Bathroom Reader calendar from parents

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