Monday, December 26, 2011

Chinese Eric figuring stuff out, Erin and Ben, plus MOM HAVING CARDS

Noticed I'd missed a call from Chinese Eric, so of course I returned it. His mom answered; Auntie and I just wished each other a Merry Christmas, even if I myself wasn't feeling it. Eric just wanted to figure stuff out for tomorrow. We talked about Nathan, Ciel, New Year's Eve at Jeremy's, his dad's birthday being around New Year's Eve (of course I have a good memory!), his grandma, nursing homes, and Chinatown. It's fine if he picks me up at 6 or so, since I don't necessarily want to piss off the parents, either... we wished each other a Merry Christmas, since it wasn't the time to tell him about my day. Tomorrow! At least that made me feel a bit better, heh.

Later, I updated James and Vanessa on things via YM and MSN. Briefly called Mom, who says dinner starts at 6 since Erin and Ben will be there for about an hour or so. Guess I'll see - I still need to buy some stuff tomorrow, so I hope things won't be TOO crazy! Then she wondered how I knew Vania had a card for me, and whether I replied to her with "my mom has the card." Um, no... that's nuts!

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