Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hannah W. and Mike K. (dream) / Veronica / Holiday Spirit

I had a dream which involved Hannah W. and Mike K. having to be a crazy couple for an Awana play, only they couldn't think of anything! My family had somehow decided to see this play, but Jon / Steph / Mom were all involved in some way. They laughed because Dad and I would have to do something together for once (which would happen in real life), but I managed to find a way out of it by saying that since I was in the building, I might as well help with the kids! Vanessa H. showed up later to introduce us all to her friend, but the kids were too hyper to notice, hahaha. Not sure what sort of dream that was!

When I got up, I noticed that Eric had called, so I called him back. His mom Veronica answered the phone, but that was fine - MERRY CHRISTMAS was okay by me, heh. Turns out he called to see whether I was going to service tonight or church tomorrow; the only way the latter would be doable is if I stay up all night again, which really isn't tenable over the long term! Oh well, at least I can get all my Xmas wishes in my annual Facebook spam out of the way overnight IF it ends up happening! I didn't tell him that, but instead said "Ha ha ha." He asked if I meant "Ho Ho Ho" instead... I mean what I say, especially when I just got up! If he has to be there early since he's doing sound tonight, at least I have warning!

Your Holiday Spirit Comes From Childhood Memories

You approach the holidays with childlike wonder and innocence. Unlike most people, they haven't been ruined for you.

The holidays are magical for you, and they bring you back to simple and happy times.

You're in touch with your emotions and intuition. You possess a great, unmatched imagination - and an infinite memory.

You live your life freely, without guilt or restrictions. You don't deny yourself, especially during this special time of year!

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