Saturday, February 13, 2010

"YAY, FLOWERS!" "I want to stomp on them to make them DEAD!"

Noticed that Myles had unfriended me on Facebook this afternoon, but no big deal. I got home at around 7, so no free Hey Ocean concerts at 8 for me! Oh well... maybe 9:30 with Bedouin Soundclash. (no Delhi to Dublin, heh) Henry picked me up and said he forgot something at home - after picking that up, we discussed the Olympics and traffic jams on the way to church. The Minoru torch stop was certainly crazy with the crowds, haha! We saw Sean and Conor in the elevator - Conor called me by name for the first time, and said that a loonie was "poo money." Sean clarified that, and I was reminded of how my sister used to call pennies "yellow money" when she was in preschool. Interacted with Annie, Victoria, Ian, Sean L., John (running around), Eric and Matthew (doing stuff with string), and more kids.

The kids did crafts today - tissue paper Valentine's Day flowers for the younger kids, and Chinese New Year lanterns made out of red envelopes for the older ones. I went upstairs to see what was going on, and Jordan asked what I was doing, haha. Conor was all "YAY! FLOWERS!" in keeping with his cheery personality. Chrystal and I saw a "Hooked on Jesus" thing that Golden had picked up from somewhere, heh. Discussed the Olympics and things like that - Emily told the kids about the athlete who'd died yesterday, too. I gave Ziploc bags with candy conversation hearts to Harrison / Amos (his mom Jennifer told him to hug me) / Rachel (her grandma waved in thanks) / Ian / Sean L. / Conor / Sean S. (who didn't want them, but TOO BAD!) - Isaac wanted some, but I don't have any more. Maybe when it's cheap on Monday, haha. (I told this to Ian and Sean too, heh) Isaac also told me that they were going to someone's house - YAY, haha. On the way home (picked up takeout), Ian and Sean played a game that (as far as I could tell) involved grenades / an arbitrary amount of HP (hit points) / bombs / underwear / exploding stomachs and ears.

Quotes of the day:

Jordan - "Look! The green pin and the green beanbag can be my Olympic torch with the flame! Is there a difference between liking someone and loving someone? (how cute!) I want to dig holes under the ocean, too!" (he told me why, but I forgot)

Sean S. - "I want to stomp on this flower so it can be DEAD! I have no Olympic spirit! I said STOP CANADA STOP!"

Sean L. - "Maybe I like purple! But I think I'll have red. Flowers are for girls!" (Henry, on this: "Of course I didn't teach Sean to say that flowers were for GIRLS!")

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