Friday, February 20, 2004

Online photo album / Quizzes

yesterday, I added a lot of pics to my online photo album..
the dinner went fine, and I even got a ride for tonight..
talked to Jon for a while before he had to leave..
today, the annoying kid asked why I'd blocked him..
dude, I signed off for the night.. there IS a difference!
I "spammed" the online photo album to a lot of people..
Corey, Kempy, my own siblings, people on forums..
even changed my MSN icon to one from Rejected..
stole it off someone's list of LJ icons, but it works..
after PG's appreciation, I'll call Jon to see what's doing..
Eric M. is back in town for a few days.. gotta see him!

Dark Faerie!
Dark Faerie

As a Dark Faerie, you love anarchy and chaos. Unfortunately, you're quick to anger and hard to calm down! You do NOT like to listen to others and find yourself somewhat antisocial. However, you can socialize easily with Fire Faeries. The others... that's another story!

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Who is your soulmate quiz?
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