Monday, September 24, 2012

Maxed-Out Tags Limit Remembering!

short posts, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, maxed-out tags limit, s Dinner ideas: THE BOATHOUSE MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) Screenshots posts: GAME SYSTEM (demented child with gameboy, visuals, advanced, nintendo, virtual, nes characters, snes, 9, x, ), GAME NAME (final fantasy, final fantasy ii, mother, earth, bound, chrono trigger, breath, of, fire, dragon warrior, quest, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, final fantasy 7, final fantasy characters, v, i, mega man, of, souls, dawn, ), screenshots, gaming, video games, playing video games, games, pictures, nikki, roadhouse blues, chalkboards, stalker, natalie, chibi_blackie, miss, black, hide, and, in, closing, matt good, musical references, lyrics, markus, having to go back on board, sublime, baklava, a millennium primer, marco, kobe bryant, loveliness, vlad the impaler, sonderkommando, workout routines, james, andrew, rio, rush, mixes, tapes, 5, rushmixtape5, mix tapes, joseph, jamie, jaebird, lee, warning, warnings, warner brothers, chantelle, shanterusan, jane, grey, a, cat, so and so, being clever and polite, in, the, mouth, french, gorging, lucretia, fetus, octuplets, samoth, norsk, lordworm, deathwhispered, vania, rasputin, oligarchist, nuns, kaitlin, fyodor dostoevsky, morton bay bugs, grigori rasputin, rasputin, siobhan, vinoth ramachandra, edgar allan poe, edgar allen poe, lee, annabel_annabel, literature, literature classics, poem, poems, references, poetry, annabella lwin, deborah, ruth, gold, man, nathan goldman, jeffrey goldman, devil, devils, sidekick, eyeheartnewlife, beth, ryan, joseph, mac, minesweeper, money, captain obvious, munchies, gay detectives, talia, dan russell, nash, weise, erin, boring, people, serenity, discordia, hiding osama bin laden in garden shed, the, irony, an, irish, lullaby, lyrical cavatina, epiphanies, ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Ultra-Secure: filtered, trust, ultra-militant, security, Inner Circle: filtered, inner, circles, trust, Flippenripple: filtered, flippenripple tree and garden, alterego, use of aliases, trust, Trust: filtered, trust, No James or Boring People: boring, people, james, andrew, joseph, rio, rush, mixes, tapes, mix tapes, 5, rushmixtape5, trust, James Entries: james, andrew, joseph, rio, rush, mixes, tapes, mix tapes, 5, rushmixtape5, trust, Everyone Except Steph: filtered, everyone, exceptions, exclusion, steph, gold light green lavender - me in Dungeons and Space Adventures VIDEO GAME TAGS: Game System, Games, me (dragons / main hero characters), Jamie W. (trees / water), Chris W., Julie S. (zombies), Matt A. (trees / ghasts), Fabian C., Eric H., Nathan T., Kenny Z., Adam L., Andrew L., Ryan M., Chrissy S. (zombies), Robin H., Kitty B. Cecilia M. (FINAL FANTASY), Janina P. (zombies), Marilynn S. (zombies), Ellen C. (Cactuar), Vanessa H. (snow), Jon B. (books), Kailee (pirates), Shelley R.-B., (shells), s DO NOT TAG IN NOTES: Tamara I., Scott M., Siobhan C., Jazmin L., Carol B., Kayone Z., Jason A., Zoe T., James R., s DO NOT TAG IN PICTURES: Mike T. (except "cute" ones), Siobhan C., Angela S., Scott M., Eric M., Jazmin L., Carol B., Kayone Z., Jason A., Zoe T., James R., s GRAMMAR TAGS: Julie S., Janina P., Veronica H., Chrissy S., Ellen W., Josephine S., Matt A., Jamie W., Kevin G., Ryan M., Chris W., Kaitlin O., Karla M., s Our Place link: Ugh, MY former roommate.... Short version: He's crazy and too much of a "special snowflake." Longer version: He was "tortured" as a kid by being force-fed gum to get rid of his migraines. This proved counterproductive in more than one way, since this treatment actually made the migraines worse, AND he couldn't / wouldn't communicate to these people (not his family) that it wasn't working. He claims he has suffered PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from the mere sight or smell of gum OR the sound of chewing ever since. (and he's "suffered PTSD" from being bullied / beaten up at school every day since the age of six because he was TOO STRANGE) He's compared it to a shooting range (?!), grenades / an unexploded minefield, and more. He even has to put on certain kinds of music when we eat because "it blocks out the sound frequency of chewing." He's almost killed his brother over this, and apparently will resort to self-harm since now he's trained not to kill actual people. (he has destroyed his own cookware and bruised himself) He also is sensitive to a LOT of chemicals and perfumes and cigarette smoke, and blames it on being raised on an organic farm. No, he can't take transit because of said allergies... yeah, he's allergic to diesel, but drives anyway. Speaking of which, his childhood was like a timewarp back to the 1920s-1960s, and he apparently has extreme audio sensitivity. He would LOVE to live in medieval times, and is also in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Then again, he's also poly with a MARRIED WOMAN (but doesn't know anything about relationships), a science fiction fan (nothing wrong with that in theory), insists folk music is the only NORMAL music to sing along to, AND is very overloaded by modern society. He also thinks that his version of life is the only normal one - WTF? When he came here from up north in the 1990s, it was very much a culture shock. I called him on various aspects which I didn't feel added up, and he always had an excuse. "I'm moving downtown - I know it's noisy, but it's the right kind of noise!" Just watch out at hockey games and concerts... oh yeah, he HATES hockey! Too bad, because I played hockey commentary ALL DAY on game days! That's how I am! He also thinks that slurping noodles and chewing are components of an unsafe environment, and won't do the dishes if they're in the sink because apparently you're not supposed to clog up the sink with dishes. *rolleyes* Westjet number: 120403275 I'll be doing a lot of these for people who are no longer on my friends list, and for whom I never got the chance to do them... yes, I'm that bored! To avoid having to make the tags aligned, I'll just backdate the entries! killing, monsters, enemies, short posts, money, galactic menace, credit, dungeons, gold, pieces, the, of, dungeon, salvage, backdating, space adventures, me, leslie, glowing_dragon, no longer on friends list, DUNGEON POSTS: killing, monsters, enemies, short posts, escape, money, dungeons, gold, pieces, dungeon, SPACE ADVENTURE POSTS: killing, monsters, enemies, short posts, escape, money, galactic menace, credit, salvage, space adventures, COMBINED DUNGEON AND SPACE ADVENTURE POSTS: killing, monsters, enemies, escape, short posts, money, galactic menace, credit, dungeons, gold, pieces, dungeon, salvage, space adventures, "Tagging" Pictures: tagging back and forth, qualities, traits, tagging, pictures, memes, friends, APRIL 20: 420, Display page -- look for "Other Journals," and check the "View all journals and communities in my own style" box. Customize options -- under "Basic Options," the drop down for "Disable customized comment pages for your journal" should be Yes. Must-Have Tags on the Facebook Status Comments entries: MONTHS, YEARS, SPECIAL DAYS, enabling comments on blogger posts, replies, threads, mentions, flamsterette, facebook, reposts, facebook quizzes, commentage, status messages, links, updates, sunday, monday, tuesday, long tag lists, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, tags, alignment, ocdl, me, liking, quizzes, memes, results, (also make sure that the Facebook icons ALTERNATE!) [Facebook poking, Facebook icon, Facebook LIKING] HOCKEY GAME tags: [score of the game], scores, vancouver, canucks, hockey, games, [opposition team], [opposition city], [shootouts], [overtime], wins [losses], winning [losing], [sportstalk] In case all my cookies go boom: (epixolay2, kelvin0210, eric4902) LJ: glowing_dragon, fay2002 Blogger / Gmail: kelvin0210 Facebook: kelvin0210! Trillian: flamsterette_x, eric4902 Our Place: flamsterette_x, mattgoodband Photobucket: flamsterette_x, fay2002 AllMusic:, eric4902 Audioscrobbler: flamsterette, mattgoodband Zenhex:, music OK Cupid: Flami, mattgoodband SillyBuddies: Flamsterette, mattgoodband IMDB: flamsterette_x, mattgoodband Shockwave: Flamsterette, mattgoodband Flami, mattgoodband Myspace:, eric4902! Twinstuff: flamsterette, mattgoodband Rock 101:, mattgoodband Shaw: Eric4902 Trillian Astra: C:Users\Lorena\AppData\Roaming\Trillian\Users\Global\Accounts.ini DELETING MEMORIES IN BULK You can also delete memories in bulk. This is done by clicking on the specific memory category that contains the memories you want to delete, and then adding &multidelete=1 to the end of that URL in your web browser's address bar. This will provide checkboxes next to each of the entries in that category. Check the box next to each memory you wish to delete, then click the "Delete Selected" button. Again, this will delete the entries from your memory list, but it will not delete the entries. "Must-have" BORING_PEOPLE chat tags: USERS, boring, people, cast of characters, chats, aim, filtered, conversations, lol, tags, alignment, USERS: nyquil, steve, angel, miguel des cervantes, shemales, 21, 2525, me, glowing_dragon, laura, arrows, troy, yo, spanish, mexican, rivers, emily, susan, keys, grace, julie, rose, moon, baths, tallies, monsters, lovely, miss, oreos, x, luminous, my, acquiescence, evanescence, phosphorescence, crisis, crystal, michaela, fetus, girls, amethyst, kittens, kat, katrina, baskin robbins, kit kats, krispy kreme, hiding osama bin laden in garden shed, am, i, gone, fragrances, the, irony, raging, hostility, erin, mike d., gas, duggar family, spinning out of control, psycho, cycles, short posts, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, maxed-out tags limit, s short posts, comments-disabled posts, ñ For HOCKEYSNAG at the Craigslist forums: STOP WHINING! (yes, I will call you on your behavior!) Library card numbers: 2 1290 00256 6737 / 2 1290 00287 1269 57687969845764518898404463473758579689066121014756248584 Optional features Posting to a community Simply embed the community name in the email address. To: From: Subject: Neat, I can post via email. This is the body of my post. Boring_People Prank Call CD Boring_People Music DVD 5000-question SURVEYS blank templates: Questions 1 to 800, Questions 801 to 1600, Questions 1601 to 2300, Questions 2301 to 2900, Questions 2901 to 3500, Questions 3501 to 4200, Questions 4201 to 4700, Questions 4701 to 5172. a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, short posts, comments-disabled posts, *hugs back*

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